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~ A tank, Thomas: The Tank Engine Project G-1

A Bio-Fused Tank with his hatch opened

The Bio-Fused Tanks were created by HiT Logistics and Owen Routh for the British Army.


Bio-Fused Tanks1.PNG

As part of his plans to market Bio-Fusion as an adaptable bio-weapon, Owen Routh and his colleagues Bio-Fused soldiers of the British Army with various tanks, essentially creating super soldiers that required little training to follow orders. To hide the faces of the tanks, hatches were mounted on the tanks to protect the Bio-Fused humans inside them, and the only thing that gave away their true nature were the groans of discomfort and occasional expletives they would yell when firing their weapons or when being hit by opposing fire.

Several of the tanks were present under the leadership of General Awdry when Project G-1 broke free from the HiT Logistics building, with some of them being destroyed by the amalgamation as it rampaged through the city.


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  • The tanks are based on M1 Abrams.