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The Boulder was a minor antagonist from the Thomas the Tank Engine TV series. In the Shed 17 series, The Boulder was created by HiT Logistics and the British Army after utilising the dessicated Bio-Fusion material and storing it in the rocks around the Blue Mountain Quarry. The Boulder makes an appearance at the climax of Thomas The Tank Engine: Project G-1.


After Thomas Gotze managed to calm the rampage of Project G-1 as it approached the Blue Mountain Quarry, the situation seemed to have been resolved. However, General Awdry, wary as to the amalgamation's intentions, ordered a detonator to be activated, exploding dynamite set at the top of a cliff above the tracks. This dislodged the Boulder (which broke into several pieces after moving from its position) and the rest of the cliff face, which swept Project G-1 away.


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