Clarabel-Diesel was the wife of Kevin Diesel.


Shortly before Annie was Bio-Fused into two coaches, she was married to Diesel.

Annie's Bio-Fusion process was almost successful, as during the operation, her stem cell split into two, although Clarabel appeared to be an imperfect clone. The railway staff didn't know how they were still alive and never asked where the organic parts of the coaches were or where the money for the luxurious pink furnishing inside came from. However those questions were answered on Annie and Clarabel's first day in service when the passengers went to their seats only to discover where the organic parts were placed when blood squirted everywhere. But what they found in the toilets was even worse.

Shortly after the incident, they were put on a siding out of the public gaze. Annie would stay with Diesel, while Clarabel would be taken to HiT Logistics.


=Shed 17 Universe

The Adventures Of Roly The Coach


  • Pauls Vids had considered to ask Michelle Hurtado to voice Annie, but he didn't have the nerve to ask her because he didn't know if she had seen Shed 17.
  • The coaches’ eyes were reused from the Troublesome Trucks.


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