Cranky (a.k.a. Cranky the Crane) was a Bio-Fused dockyard crane.


Cranky's past was never mentioned before he was Bio-Fused into a freelance design dockyard crane.

In Project G-1, he is seen taking Thomas' body out of Shed 17. The front chains snap and Thomas' body leaks a gastric acid onto the ground, causing Cranky to scream. He is then seen trying to pull Smudger out of his shed. He then starts screaming when he sees the organs coming from underneath Smudger. This would be Cranky's breaking point.

Driven mad by the things he has been though, he smashes the gate to HiT Logistics with a wrecking ball. However, Cranky's genetic structure made him unable to fully turn around, so when he swung the wrecking ball, he actually broke his entire circulatory system and started bleeding from his head. Cranky died when he fell to the ground.



  • Cranky has the same face that Toby has.
  • Cranky was used as a joke model called, "Bloody Livid.


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