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~ Diesel 10, Thomas The Tank Engine: Project G-1

Diesel 10 is an evil diesel that appears at the very end of Thomas The Tank Engine: Project G-1.

He was voiced by Pauls Vids in a demonic voice.


Thomas The Tank Engine: Project G-1

Nothing is known about Diesel 10's past before he was Bio-Fused into a BR Class 42 Warship with a claw that he calls "Pinchy".

On October 6th, 2069, two teenagers from the mainland were discussing their plans to enter Sodorland. While the first teenager dismissed the other's fears about entering the island country, Diesel 10 and Pinchy emerged from the gloom at the end of the bridge, passing through the gates that shut Sodorland off from the outside world, inadvertently making him one of the first engines from Sodor to enter the United Kingdom in over 50 years.

Diesel 10 then grabbed the first teenager with Pinchy and threw him off the bridge to his death far below. As the second teenager panicked, Diesel 10 began slowly approaching, repeatedly yelling "GET OUT!" as he opened and closed Pinchy menacingly.

The Adventures Of Roly The Coach

In The Adventures Of Roly The Coach, Pinchy grew from the roof when Diesel got angry and turned into Diesel 10. Later, it became clear that Diesel 10 and Diesel are separate entities.


Shed 17 Universe

The Adventures Of Roly The Coach

Thomas' PC Adventures


  • Diesel 10 was a character from the 2000 movie "Thomas and the Magic Railroad", in which Splatter and Dodge were his minions.
  • According to Pauls Vids' Twitter BTS, it's likely to appear in the next Thomas' PC Adventures.
  • Diesel 10 face used in Project G-1 has no eyebrows.
  • Diesel 10 Pinchy is behind the real thing and is a bit longer.