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Chris "Duck" Dickson (a.k.a. Duck the Great Western Engine) was the childhood friend of Oliver.


At some point, Duck was Bio-Fused into a GWR 5700 Class pannier tank engine. He and Oliver shared the same love of trains and the dream to work on Sodor, so they made a pact to become engines. But the ban on Bio-Fusion came in to effect after Duck and Oliver were Bio-Fused and the Sodor Railways were shutdown. Duck and Oliver thought they were going to be locked forever, but were then offered jobs by the Japan Railway Company which they immediately accepted.

After arriving in Tokyo, Japan, Duck and Oliver discovered that under Japanese law, they weren't recognised as human beings and had no rights at all. They were converted with extra mechanical joints to become transformable boxers and were forced to fight each other to the death.

When Oliver fell on his side during the match, Duck continued to punch him in the face until he lost a lot of blood and died. Not caring at all about winning, Duck broke down in tears, wallowing in severe guilt and sorrow for murdering his own best friend.



  • On Twitter, Paul has confirmed that Duck is still alive in Japan. He may also have a talk show.
  • Despite his first name being "Chris", his actual name in the television series is Montague.
  • Duck is one of the fewest Bio-Fused locomotives that survived throughout the Shed 17 Universe, and perhaps the only steam locomotive who survived in both Thomas The Tank Engine: Shed 17 and Thomas The Tank Engine: Project G-1, as he was never killed in either documentary (not counting Thomas, who is currently a human).
    • Even though Bill & Ben were last seen alive in Project G-1, Pauls Vids confirmed on Twitter that both of those twins were dead, leaving Duck to appear to be the only steam engine still alive in the Shed 17 Universe.
  • Duck is the only engine that had side rods before Thomas' PC Adventures.
  • Devious Diesel cover version used some Ringo Starr narration. Duck is mentioned in it.
  • Despite the fact that Duck lives in Japan, the faces of Duck and Oliver are assimilated into the body of Project G-1.