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Edward (a.k.a. Edward the Blue Engine) was a flawed Bio-Fusion experiment made by Sodor Research Ltd.


Edward was Bio-Fused by Sodor Research Ltd sometime in the early 1980's.

When they were filming for the TV Series, Edward was to whistle to some kids on the platform at Wellsworth. However, when he did so, his whistle suddenly malfunctioned, causing blood to spray out of it and splash all over the boys, Edward seemed to survive, however.

When Sodor Railways went out of business, Edward was decommissioned along with several other Bio-Fused vehicles until they were found by HiT Logistics.

Thirty years later, Edward was melted down along with James, due to HiT Logistics attempting to avoid pressure from the media and the public outcry, and Edward and James were among the many engines being melted down to destroy any evidence leading to the events of the Shed 17 documentary. Both Edward and James' remains would later be taken away to Blue Mountain Quarry to be disposed off.


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  • "Peep peep! Thank you very-OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" (Thomas The Tank Engine: Shed 17)
  • "Peep peep! Thank you very mu-" (Shed 17 Xmas Special)
  • And there's my porn mags! I mean... er, who... who's are those porn mags? (Gordon and the Caravans)
  • "Slow Down, Speedy!" (Project G-1 "The Island" Trailer)


  • It was thought that Edward was the first engine to die in Shed 17. Until it was revealed in Project G-1 that he was melted with James, leaving Mavis the first engine to die.

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