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"And... FIRE!"
~ General Awdry commanding the Bio-Fused Tanks to fire on Project G-1, Thomas The Tank Engine: Project G-1

General Awdry is a supporting character in Thomas The Tank Engine: Project G-1. He is a general in the British military.


When Project G-1 broke out of HiT Logistics, General Awdry was sent take it down. But when Percy was flying twoards them he ordered the men to get back. While G-1 was distracted at Blue Mountain quarry, Awdry ordered his troops to send The Boulder containing the Bio-Fused mass to take it down.



  • He is named after the Reverend Wilbert Awdry, the author of The Railway Series.
  • He is the only one to say Percy, in both Shed 17 and Project G-1.