Henry Thierry (a.k.a. Henry the Green Engine) was a man who was Bio-Fused into a green tender engine that resembled a GNR A1 Pacific.


Henry was one of the few successful Bio-Fused engines on the island who was popular with the tourists and locals. Later on, he was hired by Sodor Research to clean the wreckage following the aftermath of Gordon and Harold's accidents.

Henry confronting Sir Topham Hatt.

On January 31st, 1983, Henry was diverted to Shed 17, which was off limits to everyone. Keith Hartley unlocked the doors, and Henry peeked inside, only to find out that Thomas was never actually Bio-Fused. This prompted Henry to confront Sir Topham Hatt about what he saw, resulting in an argument between the two, ending with Sir Topham Hatt sending Henry to the same shed as Thomas. It was there that Henry warned Thomas to stay away from Shed 17.

Henry after the crash.

The next day, Sir Topham Hatt sent Henry to take the Flying Kipper run, which ran down the highest altitude line on Sodor. After a week on the kipper run, Henry was diverted onto a siding and rear ends with a goods train (because little did Henry and his crew know was that Sir Topham Hatt had stuck a spike in the points to block them).

By the middle of the day, Sir Topham Hatt arrived and then sent Henry to Crewe and was sadly scrapped to death.


Shed 17 Universe

The Adventures Of Roly The Coach

Thomas' PC Adventures


  • His last name is an in-joke reference to retired French football player Thierry Henry.
  • After being curious, Brandon Polley discovered from Pauls Vids himself that Henry is his favorite Thomas & Friends character.
  • Pauls Vids’ model of Henry is recoloured from Gordon's model.
  • Henry's death at Crewe may have been a reference to the two Henrys theory, showing a possible idea of what would have happened to Henry after the new one got built.


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