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James Splendid (a.k.a. James the Red Engine) was a man who was Bio-Fused into a red L&YR class 28 tender engine. He was voiced by Pauls Vids.


James was the first Bio-Fusion experiment following Sir Topham Hatt's takeover of Sodor Research Ltd. James didn't have a lot of money, so he signed his life away to be Bio-Fused. On his first test run, he had trouble climbing the hills. He became very ill after many attempts and was put on display during the off-season along side other failed Bio-Fused experiments, some of whom were also too ill to work, while others were already dead (fortunately, James wasn't dead while being on display during the off-season, just very ill). He was also the Steamies' favorite victim when they played "Spin The Engine" on the turntable.

After the closure of Sodor Railways, he was among the several engines to be decommissioned. Shortly after, he was taken in by HiT Logistics. Thirty years later, he was melted down along with Edward because HiT Logistics was attempting to avoid pressure from the media and the public outcry, and Edward and James were among the many engines being melted down to destroy any evidence leading to the events of the Shed 17 documentary. Both Edward's and James's remains would later be taken away to Blue Mountain Quarry to be disposed off.


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  • Three models of James were used in the series. The model in Shed 17 had a 2-6-0 wheel arrangement with a yellow dome and no boiler stripes[1]. The model in Shed 17 Xmas Special and Project G-1 had a 4-4-0 wheel arrangement with a red dome and black boiler stripes[2]. The model in The Adventures of Roly the Coach and Thomas' PC Adventures was more accurate[3].
  • James' model from Project G-1/Shed 17 X-mas Special is really Edward's model recoloured.
  • James is in fact one of the fewest engines in Shed 17 who didn't die until Project G-1.
  • The scene where the Steamies spin him on the turntable was cut short on the reupload of Project G-1, leaving James reversing to the sheds.
  • Project G-1's body has James' face on it, so his corpse may have been absorbed by Project G-1.


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