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This was the military's plan all along. There was never any intention to allow them some kind of peace. And with that, Thomas lost his only link to the past. Now all that's left is his reanimated pneumatic body. A confused mind that lost everything. With his past the only thing left to torment him, Thomas decided to leave. He'd seen everything. The last people he'd trusted had abandoned him, but I was still here to tell his story. After all the betrayal, disloyalty and torment, I could still say I were his only friend. The only person who hadn't abandoned him. I could hold my head up high, and say, I-
~ Keith Hartley's last words, just moments before he is ripped in half by Thomas, Project G-1

Keith Hartley is a former engine fireman on Sodor Railways. He's also the main protagonist of Shed 17 Universe. He is voiced by Pauls Vids.


Keith Hartley began working as an engine fireman sometime in 1963 and became a friend to Thomas Gotze, who often visited the railway when Hartley was on duty. When Thomas was Bio-Fused into a tank engine, Keith was interviewed on TV many times to represent Sodor, although he vomited on all of his appearances. He told the story of Sodor Research in the Shed 17 documentary, but was framed as the cause for the suffering for Thomas and his friends. As revealed in Thomas The Tank Engine: Project G-1 he tried being a Steamie on one occasion, but apparently gave up right after witnessing the Steamies mistreating the engines.

After Project G-1 was killed by the military, he took part in the Project G-1 documentary before Thomas ripped him in half in a blind rage. He was then Bio-Fused by Sir Topham Hatt into a Troublesome Truck as punishment for his whistleblowing activities. He likely died later due to his organic components being exposed to the outside world.


Shed 17 Universe

The Adventures Of Roly The Coach

Thomas' PC Adventures


  • Fat b******! You've never met such a cold-hearted c*** as him. (Shed 17)
  • "It was horrible watching these engines work on the railway some days. But tourists wanted to see it, they expected it. And for me, it was work." (Shed 17)
  • "That fat b****** kept the accidents a secret, and legal disclaimers had to be signed by anyone being Bio-Fused. So there would be no legal action taken if anything went wrong." (Shed 17)
  • "But that fat b****** held us back. He wanted to see what would happen." (Shed 17)
  • "No one seemed to ask about where all the organic parts were in a coach... or about those luxurious expensive pink leather furnishings. I don't even want to tell you what they found in the toilets." (Project G-1)
  • "Phew!" (The Adventures Of Roly The Coach)
  • "Picture a land...where the sky was so blue...a storybook land of wonder...a magical land just waiting for you...the Island of Sodor...where all my nightmares came true." (Project G-1, "The Island" trailer)
  • "Bio-Fusion had become a industry. The risks were percentages on a sheet of paper. Life and death calculated, along with profit against loss." (Project G-1 Annie and Clarabel Teaser)
  • "Last time I go on Channel 4." (Project G-1)
  • "They were the lucky ones, I can't imagine a worst hell than being a truck. Fortunately, most of them didn't live long." (Project G-1)
  • "But I had nothing to do with any of that business... Not after the first time." (Project G-1)
  • "Smudger and the shed were one and the same, they couldn't be removed." (Project G-1)


  • Keith was the subject of a running gag of him vomiting in interviews everytime he was asked questions related about Shed 17.
    • In Project G-1, the running gag returned, however instead of vomiting, Keith violently defecated himself while in an interview.
  • Keith was turned into his worst nightmare, a Truck.