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Knapford Station is a big station on the east side of the island of Sodor.


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Originally being just a normal station for non Bio-Fused trains, it was one of the places Thomas went to see the one thing he had always had interest in: Steam locomotives. (Or steam trains, if you prefer.) This is also the place where Thomas is seen greeting Keith only to be told to "Get off the platform" by Sir Topham Hatt.

After Thomas had been hit by a train he was hoping to catch on camera, the station had no longer been used just for normal steam engines, but also the now more popular, but fatal Bio-Fused engines. Taking several people's lives who volunteered to be Bio-Fused, whether it be because of the Bio-Fusion, or because they had found out the truth to how Thomas (Formerly a Blue 0-6-0 E2 Tank Engine, later on a reconstructed humanoid creature.) had been able to survive for so long despite being the very first Bio-Fusion.

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Some time before Gordon's death, Gordon listened to the voices in his head after taking on Welsh Coal, setting fire to Knapford Station.


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