Mavis (a.k.a. Mavis the Quarry Diesel Engine) was a woman that was Bio-Fused into BR class 04 tram diesel.


Mavis' past life is unknown prior to Bio-Fusion.

At one point, she was Bio-Fused into a BR Class 04 tram diesel by Sodor Research Ltd; however when the railway staff fueled Mavis up, her internal organs and her face were caught on fire and she was soon dead.


Shed 17 Universe

The Adventures Of Roly The Coach


  • Mavis is one of the only characters that Pauls Vids hasn't made a 3D model of, so her Bachmann model was used instead.
  • Mavis was the first diesel engine to be Bio-Fused locomotive used on railways.
  • Mavis is the first engine to die in Shed 17.


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