Olga Gotze

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Olga Gotze is Wilhelm Gotze's wife and the Mother of Hans Gotze. She is also Thomas Gotze's Grandmother.


Abi Collins

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Abi Collins is Hans Gotze's wife and Thomas Gotze's Mother.

Paul stated in a livestream that she was named after Abi L, who provides the voices of young Thomas Gotze, and Thomas' fat friend.


Simple Bloke

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Simple Bloke is one of Thomas' friends who could only say where he lived.



  • He is based upon Hodor from Game of Thrones.

Thomas' fat friend

Thomas's fat friend.png

Thomas' fat friend is one of Thomas' friends who was out walking with the day he got hit by a train.


The Old Lady

The Old Woman.png

The Old Lady is one of the people who went to Sodor Reserach the day Hans and Wilhelm Gotze revealed Thomas had been Bio-fused into a tank engine, when Thomas spoke she screamed and fainted. She later boarded Annie and Clarabel on their first day of service, when she sat down blood squited from the seats which made her and everyone else scream.


Shed 17 Universe

The Adventures Of Roly The Coach

Terry Wogan

Terry Wogan was a Irish radio and television broadcaster. In the 1980's he interviewed Keith Hartley on his show and during the interview he told him that the audience were laughing at him, not with him, before Keith starts vomiting.



  • His line was taken from his interview with David Icke on his talk show Wogan.

Al and Barry

Al and Barry were Henry Thierry's crew on the night of his accident with the "Flying Kipper". They were severely injured in the crash and slowly died in the snow.


Jimmy Savile

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Jimmy Savile was a English DJ and child molester. In the 1980's, he was hired by Sodor Railways as a last resort to salvage the dying tourist trade.



  • His line was taken from an 1980's British Rail advert.

Thomas Fans

Thomas Fans.png

The Thomas Fans are a protest group comprised of young people and fans of the Thomas The Tank Engine series, who chose to begin protesting for Thomas's safety after the Shed 17 documentary was released in 2015. They later ally with Diesel, with some of the Thomas Fans opting to join Diesel's Sodor Liberation Front.


The Soldiers

The Soldiers.png

The Soldiers are characters that appear in Thomas The Tank Engine: Project G-1. Some soldiers were turned into tanks, and their faces were covered. They would often give a cry of discomfort when one of them were damaged or when they were firing. They appear again trying to kill the monster, but that failed.


Brian Blessed

Brian Blessed.png

A famous British actor known for his enthusiastic voice acting, Brian Blessed cameos in Thomas The Tank Engine: Project G-1. After witnessing Project G-1 breaking out of the HiT Logistics facility in London, he turns to face the camera and exclaims: "Gordon's alive!"



  • His line "Gordon's alive!" was taken from the 1980 film Flash Gordon.
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