Owen Routh

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Dr. Owen Routh is a former German lab assistant for Sodor Research Ltd, and later the head of Project G-1 for HiT Logistics. He served as a supporting character in Thomas The Tank Engine : Shed 17 and the main antagonist of its sequel, Thomas : The Tank Engine Project G-1.

He is voiced by Pauls Vids.


Not much is known about Owen Routh prior to working for Sodor Research. In 1985, when Sodor Research folded, Dr. Routh was a key figure in founding HiT Logistics, and spent many years finding a way to weaponise Bio-Fusion. This resulted in the creation of the Bio-Fused Tanks, and later Project G-1, the latter being considered by Routh to be his finest work.

Routh was most recently seen taking Keith Hartley away on the orders of Sir Topham Hatt, and oversaw the Bio-Fusion process that resulted in Hartley being turned into a Truck.


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