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Roly The Coach is an LB&SCR four-wheeled coach built to a design by Stroudley between the early 1870s and late 1880s.


Roly Browning (a.k.a Roly the Coach) is the main character of The Adventures Of Roly The Coach. 

He is the brother of Annie Clarabella.


The Adventures Of Roly The Coach

Shed 17 Universe

Thomas' PC Adventures


  • Roly was originally Pauls Vids' first attempt at making 3D models of Annie and Clarabel.
  • Despite Roly being the main character of The Adventures of Roly the Coach, he has not spoken in any episodes.
  • His cameo in Project G-1 as a host for a live podcast is likely a joke on how he does not speak in any of his appearances and that the podcast is generally quiet.