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Roly's Christmas Special is the ninth and final episode of The Adventures Of Roly The Coach in 2017.



It's Christmas Eve, and Roly's very excited about the annual Christmas railway party tonight.

(Just then, Gordon arrives)

Gordon: Sorry, Roly, but the party's been cancelled; no one was interested in going, so we had to call it off. Good night.

(Gordon leaves, then Henry arrives)

Henry: Oh, Roly, have you heard? There's no party tonight! Well, never mind. I'm off for an early night — visiting family in the morning. Ta-ra!

(Henry leaves, then Thomas arrives)

Thomas: Oh! Hello, Roly! (whistles) Shame the party's off, isn't it? Oh, well. I'm off home. (whistles again) See you Boxing Day!

(Thomas then leaves)

Oh, well, Roly. At least you get the day off tomorrow — and you can enjoy an early night tonight.

(Loud music can then be heard in the shed next to Roly's shed, and the engines are then seen inside partying. Thomas, Percy and one of the Scottish twins are bouncing up and down while Henry is watching them and Diesel is behind the DJ mix that has a MC DIESEL sign on front of it.)

Diesel: (warped muffling) All right, people, let's tear this fuckin' shed down!

(Ferdinand is snorting drugs off of Percy's boiler and gargles, while Edward is chatting up Mavis)

Edward: (sounding gruff) Hey, baby, how is it go—

(Edward then throws up over Mavis, causing her to look horrified. Roly then looks at the audience. The next morning, Thomas, Percy, Diesel and the Scottish twin wake up with hangovers)

Thomas: (groans sickly) What was I drinking last night...?

Percy: (moans) I'm never drinking aga—

(Percy then throws up. Edward wakes up and discovers he's under a tarpaulin with Mavis, who's smiling broadly)

Edward: Oh, God, no...! Tell me we didn't...!

Thomas: Thank God we're not working today. We can sleep this off.

(Loud music suddenly can be heard from Roly's shed, and the engines groan loudly. The music is shown to be coming from Sarah as Billy had come to visit Roly)

Billy: Merry Christmas, Roly!

(Roly looks at the audience and makes a small smile. Meanwhile, Gordon wakes up)

Henry: Well, good morning, sleepyhead!

(Gordon looks at Henry and hollers when he realizes they're both under the same tarpaulin)

                                          The End


  • The music the engines are listening to at the party is Lords of Acid - "Let's Get High".[1]




Roly's Christmas Special