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Roly's Halloween Special is the eighth episode of The Adventures Of Roly The Coach.



It's Halloween night and Roly's prepared for any trouble makers

(Just then Roly hears some kocking on the doors of his shed, he slowly opens the doors and sees some kids dressed up their Halloween costumes)

Kids: Trick or treat!

(Roly opens one of the doors further to revel a bucket full of sweets)

Kids: Yay!

(The kids collect some sweets, then turn around and leave)

Child 1: Thanks Roly!

Child 2: Bye bye Roly.

Child 3: Thanks Roly.

Child 4: Thank, bye.

Child 5: See ya Roly!

(The next morning all the sweets are gone and Roly is stood at the front of his shed)

Well that was an uneventful night, the local kids went home happy and Roly wasn't vandalized.

(It is then revealed Roly's shed has vandalized with the words "ROLY IS A TWAT" spray painted on the front of the shed)


(Roly looks at the audience)

                                          The End



Roly's Halloween Special

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