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Roly's Morning is the twelfth episode of The Adventures Of Roly The Coach.



It's morning, and the engines are discussing who gets to work with Roly today. (the camera pans to each engine as they talked)

Thomas: Don't look at me! I'm better off with Annie and Clarabel; he's too quiet!

Gordon: I don't want to work with him; he's so pompous.

James: [Huffily] Yeah, all he does is stare at you — all day!

Diesel: [Snootily] I can't work with him. He's so off-putting.

Henry: Well, I'm not working with him. He's such a weirdo!

Well, what a bunch of rude...engines. It's a good job Roly's not around to hear this. (the camera then finishes panning to Roly at the nearest berth) Oh! Nope, there he is. Sigh... (Roly looks at the audience)

                                          The End




Roly's Morning