Roly And Barry

Rory And Barry is the fifth episode of The Adventures Of Roly The Coach



Roly's not his usual happy self today, his paintwork's getting old. It's starting to peel off and he looks like s**t. But wait! Here's his friend, Barry the painter!

“Barry the painter, I'm not that good"

Barry: Don't worry, Roly, we'll have you sorted in no time.

(Barry gets to work giving Roly a new coat of paint)

Barry: There. What do you reckon, Roly? Give us a sign? Oh.

(Barry then realizes he's accidentally painted over Roly's mouth)

Barry: Well don't worry, I'll have this fixed in no time.

(Barry's watch starts beeping and he looks at the time)

Barry: Next week.

(Barry walks away and Roly looks at the audience)

                                          The End


Roly And Barry

Roly And Barry

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