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Roly And Browny is the sixth episode of The Adventures Of Roly The Coach.



It's a very hot day on the Island of Sodor and Roly's train's been held up for an hour.

Keith Hartley: Phew!

Passenger: I say, what a scorcher.

And- oh no, here comes Browny the Stinky Engine.

Browny: Er, how's it going?

Keith Hartley: Bloody hell, that stinks!

Browny: Er, same old, hmm.

Passenger: Well, I never!

(The Old Lady screams)

Browny: Ah, no worries.

(Browny then pulls out of the station)

Oh well Roly, thank goodness he didn't stay for long.

(It is then revealed the tankers Browny is pulling are full of raw sewage)


(Ten minutes later Roly is still watching Browny's tankers roll passed him, Roly then looks at the audience)

                                          The End




Roly And Browny (Re-upload)

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