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Shed 17 is one of the engine maintenance sheds at Sodor Research; it is the location which gives the Shed 17 duology its name.


When Thomas Götze got hit by a fast approaching train, Hans and Wilhelm Götze locked down Shed 17 to bring Thomas back from the dead by combining his DNA with an LB&SCR E2 Class tank engine and made several attempts until the results were perfect. Hans and Wilhelm then revealed Thomas to the public and told the media they had turned him into a tank engine using Bio-Fusion. Afterwards, they made Shed 17 off-limits to all the staff due to all of the failed attempts to clone Thomas that were still kept inside (including one that had lived).


Four years later, Henry Thierry was working on a clean up job to take away the remains of Gordon and Harold after their deaths when one night the points were set wrong and he accidentally got diverted to Shed 17. Keith Hartley opened the doors for Henry and was unaware that he had opened the wrong shed as they all looked the same in the dark. When Henry discovered Thomas was never Bio-Fused, he reversed out of the sheds. Keith locked the sheds without looking to see what was inside as he didn't want to risk losing his job, but Henry decided to confront Sir Topham Hatt about what he had seen which resulted in an argument. Henry went to sleep at Knapford Sheds and warned Thomas to stay away from Shed 17.

The next day, Sir Topham Hatt put Henry on the Flying Kipper line, which ran down the highest altitude line on Sodor and had previously been closed down for being too dangerous. A week later, Sir Topham Hatt put a rail spike in the points to make Henry crash into a goods train and sent him to Crewe to be scrapped. When Thomas heard the news, he knew Henry had been disposed of because of what he saw, so he decided to go to Shed 17 to see what Henry was warning him about. When Thomas discovered he was a clone, his skeleton burst out of his unstable body. Shortly thereafter, British government forces raided the shed, killing the escaping clone before taking Thomas to a specialist unit to undergo twenty-eight reconstructive operations.


So far the clones seen are as followed:

  • An empty body shell that appears to much larger than Thomas, which lacks wheels.
  • A rather large face, which most likely belonged to the body shell.
  • A skeleton with blue wheels attached to it hanging from a small gantry of some sort.
  • The failed Thomas clone, which appears to be a skeleton with a heavily distorted version of Thomas' face.

In addition to that, many boxes, a few engine parts, and a single tank beside the clones' tank are seen throughout the building.