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Shed 17 Xmas Special was a web video made by Pauls Vids answering the two most asked questions about Thomas The Tank Engine: Shed 17. However, the video was taken down due to a copyright by a third party.




Wooden Santa: Hello, everybody! I'm Wooden Santa, and I'm here to answer two of your most popular questions. What happened to Edward and James? Well, here they are! Ho ho ho ho ho... James, it's very nice to see you again.

James: Happy Christmas, everyone!

Wooden Santa: And, Edward, you're looking very well.

Edward: Peep peep! Thank you very mu--

(The doors behind Edward and James suddenly close, taking the two engines by surprise. Then Wooden Santa pushes a button on a control panel which turns up the heat. The temperature causes Edward and James to melt, and the rails underneath them catch fire while they both scream.)

Wooden Santa: Merry Christmas, everyone!

(A top hat suddenly appears on the control panel revealing Wooden Santa is Sir Topham Hatt as he starts to laugh watching the engines burn.) 

(We see the preview of "Project G-1")

                                         The End


  • The scene of Edward and James being melted down was re-used in Thomas The Tank Engine: Project G-1. Therefore, it is likely the Shed 17 Xmas Special video serves as a teaser for Project G-1.
  • Xmas Special was re-uploaded on Paul's Twitter account for Christmas 2020.[2]




R-18G- Shed 17 Xmas Special (Pauls Vids - Reupload)


  1. Audio taken from the "Thomas & Friends" episodes The Flying Kipper and Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree.