Not to be confused with the island itself

Sodorland is a country that controls the island of Sodor. The nation is completely inhabited by biofused engines and

other vehicles.


Sodorland was founded in 2032 after 98% of engines voted to leave the UK. by 2040 all diplomatic ties had been cut with the outside world.

On October 6th, 2069 two American teenagers crossed the border. One was thrown by Diesel 10 and died while the other recorded it.

Known citizens


Thomas Gotze is the president of Sodorland, confirmed by Paul in the Project G-1 livestream

Relations with the outside world

Sodorland is an extremely isolationist country and ever since 2040 it has not contacted any other nation. Diesel 10 is known to protect the border between it and the UK from human intruders.

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