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Steamies are unruly railway engine enthusiasts who make an appearance in Thomas The Tank Engine: Project G-1.


Steamies, unlike other railway enthusiasts, are mischievous pranksters.


One of their pranks involves playing “Spin the Engine” with James by spinning him fast on the turntable, causing him to vomit as a result.

Later, in a now deleted scene, they discover Smudger in his shed. One of the Steamies goes inside and proceeds to "tickle" him.


  • Keith Hartley reveals to have been part of the Steamies at one point.
  • There was a deleted scene in Project G-1 involving the Steamies discovering Smudger and “tickling” him. This scene resulted in Project G-1 being removed, and was later left out of the reuploaded version.
  • The scene with James also had one of the steamies taking him from behind, which was cut short in the reuploaded version.
  • ”Steamies” was a term used to describe steam engine characters in the later seasons of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends television series.
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