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Annie and Clarabel, an example of twins created through Bio-Fusion who possess a Telepathic Link between each other.

As a result of the mechanics behind the Bio-Fusion process, twins were sometimes created at HiT Logistics when the cell cultures used in Bio-Fusion split in two. These twins possess a Telepathic Link that varies in strength.


When a person’s cells split in half during a Bio-Fusion experiment, the end result is a twin (a term used to describe a clone) of the Bio-Fused engine. Scientists at HiT Logistics have discovered that there is a “telepathic link” between twins; since they are basically the exact same person, twins have a mysterious psychic (or emotionally stressful) connection with one another that results in them either receiving the same reaction or having extreme psychic powers such as breaking mirrors.

It is shown in Thomas The Tank Engine: Project G-1 that if one twin dies, the other twin dies as a result, further proof that twins are indeed exactly the same person. However this does not imply for all twins.

Deaths influenced by a Telepathic Link


  • Despite Douglas's death being seen, Donald's fate while locked in the pressure chamber actually remains unknown. It's possible that he might of died due to the telepathic link. It's also possible that Donald may still be alive, making his telepathic link with Douglas more different than the one between Annie and Clarabel.
  • Bill & Ben are the only set of twins who didn't die from the telepathic link; instead, their telepathic link gave them extremely powerful psychic abilities, including telekinesis and telepathy.
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