The Adventures Of Roly The Coach

The Adventures Of Roly The Coach is a web series made by Pauls Vids. It is set in a separate continuity from the Shed 17 series (and also a continuity where Bio-Fusion does not exist) although most of the Shed 17 cast also appear here. For the most part, the series is considerably more lighthearted than its counterpart.


Screenshot title release date Episode number #
Roly's Migraine
Roly's Migraine 20 May 2017 #01
Roly's Bank Holiday
Roly's Bank Holiday 29 May 2017 #02
Roly Goes to Vote
Roly Goes to Vote 7 June 2017 #03
Roly Gets Privatised 10 June 2017 #04
Roly And Barry
Roly And Barry 30 July 2017 #05
Roly And Browny
Roly And Browny 6 October 2017 #06
Roly's Half Term
Roly's Half Term 27 October 2017 #07
Roly's Halloween Special
Roly's Halloween Special 31 October 2017 #08
Roly's Christmas Special-2
Roly's Christmas Special 24 December 2017 #09
Roly Goes To The World Cup 24 June 2018 #10
Roly's Bad Day
Roly's Bad Day 26 August 2018 #11
Roly And Diesel 18 October 2018 #12
Roly's Morning4
Roly's Morning 9 November 2018 #13
Roly's Magical Christmas 21 December 2018 #14
Roly And Timmy
Roly And Timmy 24 December 2018 #15



  • Pauls Vids as the narrator, Keith Hartley, Timmy, A Passenger, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Donald or Douglas, Ferdinand, Diesel and Billy
  • Sam The Angel Fox as Barry and some kids
  • Brandon Polley as Thomas and some kids
  • Owen W as Browny


  • The theme song is a recreation of the theme song from another children's tv show known as Brum.
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