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Wilhelm and Hans Gotze had to learn through trial and error to learn how to bring their Thomas back from the dead. The following experiments had not had the same work put into them, resulting in the Freak Engines and aircraft that had developed so many problems on Sodor Island and around the world. In Shed 17, Thomas wouldn't discover who he was, but in fact, who he wasn't.
~ The Narrator, Shed 17

Thomas' Clone is one of the failed clones of Thomas Gotze.



After Thomas Gotze was hit by a train, he was taken to Shed 17 where many multiple clones of him were made until Wilhelm and Hans Gotze got one right.

Most of the other clones were scattered all over the shed while one of them that was still alive, was kept in an enormous tank at the end of the shed.

One night, Thomas left Knapford Sheds all by himself to Shed 17 and when he got there, he saw several clones and when he stopped in front of the tank containing the clone that was still alive and saw it, he started yelling loudly; and while doing so, his skeleton, somehow, tore out of his unstable body – followed by his smoke box. As this happens, the clone began hitting the inside of the tank with its closed hand in an attempt to escape, causing it to crack.

After Thomas had been removed from his body, the clone had broken free of the tank and let out a loud screech, only to be gunned down by John and the Military.