ok this is kind of self explanatory but i can't sit in silence while a 8-year old keeps asking stupid questions to trigger everyone and then lashes out at people because they said no to them  he acts like he owns the shed 17 fan-films and haves the right to insult people who point out obvious facts to them they act like a child like when he asked if flora will appear in project g-1 someone said no and they said say sorry to me immediatly like a child plus they make up a excuse like saying they're asking everyone if (insert chracter here) can be in project g-1 they act like they know everything about the fan-films but they're actually stupid as fuck plus i know they're doing it on purpose because if they weren't they would stop in the second people complained about them doing so plus they act like he owns the wiki and can make people get out ok rant over sorry to waste your time like this 

jhazhha out

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