LoveNascarfan LoveNascarfan 6 November 2018

This Wikia is Out of Control!

They Spawned fanmades like Chad The Gay Engine! This Wikia Is Complately Out Of Control. If i tried to delete fan made Characters, It was would remake the Page! I'm Feel Angry About Putting Fanmades In Shed 17 Wikia! Why did they starting to attcking the fanmade from shed 17 wikia? Let Me Know!

1.They Tried to delete Chad The Gay Engine

2.Shed 17 Wikia Keep Diying by Attacking With Fanmades Characters!

3.They Kept Going With Fanmade Page on Shed 17 Wikia

4.They Killed Shed 17 Wikia By Fanmades!

What know what I'm Quiting this Wikia in 4 Days Why? Because Fanmade Characters! So Yeah Im Leaving Shed 17 Wikia In 4 Day! So GoodBye!

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