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Wilhelm Götze was a former Nazi scientist and father of Hans Götze.


Wilhelm Götze was born in Munich, Germany in 1903. Sometime in the 1930's, he became a prominent figure in the Nazi regime. In 1938, Wilhelm instigated the infamous "Sägemehl Nacht" ("Night of Sawdust"). But as his experiments progressed, he lost popularity and started fearing for his and his family's lives.

In 1939, Wilhelm, his wife, Olga, and their four-year-old son, Hans, had moved to England after the beginning of World War II.

When they got there, the family were put in a detention camp on Sodor Island. However, the locals were friendly towards the German family, and following their release, Wilhelm and his family decided to stay and live on Sodor.

Following the death of his grandson, Wilhelm assisted Hans in reviving him with Bio-Fusion.

But sadly, a few years later, when Wilhelm discovered what has been happening with Bio-Fusion nowadays, he showed no hesitation to commit suicide via self-inflicted gunshot. Sir Topham Hatt made all the rail staff clean up the mess after Wilhelm's body was taken away, which took them several days due to the amount of sawdust.